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UVI ONLINE seeks adult learners who strive to become future leaders of the global 21st century community.


UVI ONLINE is in complete alignment with employability skills. Promotions in your career are not just about “what” you can do, it’s just as important “how” you do it. Being skilled in these attributes and using them on your resume or social media profiles can make a difference in getting that promotion!1 UVI ONLINE prepares graduates to attain success in those skills and attributes by incorporating them right  into the curriculum! Start where you’ll stay and you’ll be able to add these critical skills to your professional profiles and resume:

  • Effective Written and Oral Communication
  • Adaptability and Agility 
  • Accessing and Analyzing Information
  • Critical Thinking
  • Interpersonal relations and cross-cultural sensitivity

LinkedIn found that the top six attributes recruiters and hiring managers are looking for when assessing soft skills are adaptability, culture fit, collaboration, leadership, growth potential, and prioritization.2



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5.8 million students took at least one distance education course online in the Fall of 2014 3



Online Library: Our online library is available 24/7 and has over 30 rich research databases to address all of your course needs.

Online Bookstore: Buy your books and some UVI gear to show your Buccaneer pride!

Student-Life Coaches: UVI-Online provides each adult student with a specially trained SLC to help you set and meet career and personal goals. Your SLC’s certification is based on over 30 years of educational research and student success strategies that helps adults reach their educational goals in a customized way. Student-Life Coaches can help you get through your unique adult-based obstacles and graduate!

Your SLC has life tools and a toolbox of academic tools that adult students need to help overcome some of the ideas, attitudes and misconceptions about life that you’ve clung to from past experiences. You might not even realize it, but you have the power to change the way you think and see the world. And, now, with your college degree, you have the power to change it too. You are making a big change in your life and you deserve the college to support you with your own personal coach to make it happen!

Technical Support: 24×7 access to tutorials, FAQs, and Help Desk Hours to get you through hardware and software challenges

Academics: Our goal is for you to start a degree program where you’ll want to stay. That goal is ingrained in everything we do, even in program design. Did you know that every single online course in your program is developed by a team of experts? Our team consists of multiple faculty, instructional designers, outside subject experts, and even employers! That’s how much we take care in each step of your student experience.

Once you are in a course, you are again surrounded by your UVI team of professionals: your student-life coach, your faculty, your peers, and an IT Help Desk, just to name a few. Your faculty professionals have real-world experience in addition to their academic credentials. And if you are starting back to college after a long break, we place you in specific courses that are designed with success tools to get you comfortable with things you may have not been exposed to in a while –  like formal academic writing or reading large amounts of text.

We believe in supporting you so much, that we designed the courses and the support experience with you, the busy adult in mind. And, we take it one step further. We know that even champions need a break. We believe you need down time. So, we built in breaks or “mini-vacations” into your academic year so that you can refresh and rejuvenate.